Sorry, but the DEX is currently closed.

For Maintenance

We are currently deploying a new token to the dex and we want to prevent any issues from end user interactions during this time. This is a large update and make take several minutes to hours to complete.

Upon being back online you can expect the following changes:

Dex Version 3.0.0 RELEASE

Major Noticed Improvements:
- Added VeChain Support

Change Log:
- Updates to match new wrapper system
- Adds background coloring to Market Orders (trade history) and removes the pricing color highlight
- Added a header to Open Orders
- Order fields will no longer correct what you are typing if you go over your balance
- Market Orders (trade history) can now be toggled to just show your previous trade history for that market
- UI now fully responds to a user being signed out of extension or account being locked in feather client
- Wrapper deposits are no longer shown on Balances page, but instead a button is shown to open a dialog to copy your deposit address (helps users with smaller screens/resolutions)
- Rounding errors should all be fixed